Monday, September 23, 2019

Dystopian for the MAGA crowd, including the one at the top: Here's Subterranean Impeachment Blues

Subterranean Impeachment Blues

Donnie’s in his bedroom, looking for some head room,
There’s homeless on the pavement thinkin’ ‘bout the government
President gloats about next year’s votes
He’s taking frantic notes, can he nail Dan Coats?
Muttering about Sleepy Joe Biden
Gaffe prone, all alone, what’s he hidin’?
No norms, no forms, Trump follows no laws
What he does is free of flaws.

Let him explain to the president of Ukraine
See if he can help with the next campaign
Get loose, got the juice, tweet about fake news
Don’t need a guitar to make up some new blues.
Look out Trump, your polling’s in a slump
God knows when, but you’re doing it again.

Oh, get sick, get well, does impeachment ring a bell?
Keep your base in place, hope the Wall is gonna sell.
Get Barr, go far, set sail, don’t fail
E-mails, Dem wails,
Adam Schiff is on your tail.

Look out Trump, you’re gonna get dumped
By losers, voters, Constitution users
Personnel pools have run out of fools
GOP leaders watch the tea-leaf readers.

What seems to be real is just what you suppose
When you’re the emperor who loves his new clothes
Piece of toilet paper sticking to your sole.
Your art of the deal just fell down a hole.
You can’t firehose what nature grows
You’re led by the nose in reality shows,
Don’t need a whistleblower to know which way the wind blows

Look out Trump, you heading for a slump
Asking for a friend, could this be the end?

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