Thursday, March 1, 2018

Crying Ethics and Scruples, Alive, Alive-O! (But is there any market for them in Washington?)

Ethics and Scruples (A Sorrier Moan) In Washington city Where power has no pity You never will hear a sorrier moan As Honor wheels her barrow Through streets broad and narrow Crying “Ethics and scruples – alive, alive-o!” Alive, alive-o! Alive, alive-o! Crying “Ethics and scruples— alive, alive-o!” When it comes to appearances, Security clearances, Conflicts of interest among cabinet and kin, The Administration suffers No ethical buffers Between what should be and the deep do-do it’s in. Alive, alive-o! Alive, alive-o! Are ethics and scruples alive, alive-o? Honor died in disfavor And no one would save her And you’ll never hear a sorrier moan As her ghost wheels her barrow Through streets dark and narrow, Crying, “Ethics and scruples, alive? alive-no!” Alive, alive-no! Alive, alive-no Are ethics and scruples alive? alive-no!

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