Monday, September 12, 2016

Go, go, Donald J. Trump: A snide endorsement of the GOP candidate in a manner that makes a few flaws seem heroic

(And notice that the kazoo solo strikes a blow for the authentic-instruments movement)
The text:

Donald J. Trump
Back before he got well-known for making scenes,
He was a humble multimillionaire from Queens
In New York, New York, you're either champ or chump;
He knew which one he was, did Donald J. Trump:
He didn't like to read, which everyone can tell,
But he could make a deal just like a-ringing a bell!

Go, go, go, Donald, go
Go, go, go, Donald, go
Go go, go, Donald, go
Go go, go, Donald, go
Go go, Donald J. Trump.

He came into Manhattan with 12 million or so,
His dad gave him the knack for making it grow.
Deals were just as good as his lawyers said:
If you tried to make a fuss they would cut you dead.
You're hit hard? Hit back harder, he learned from Roy Cohn --
Then the host of "The Apprentice" came into his own!


He hired foreign workers, took his brand abroad,
Set up a university some say was a fraud,
Gave 25 grand to Florida's AG;
She said,  "Move along now, there ain't nothing to see."
He likes his women to be either flexible or hot:
Now is that an American guy thing or what!

He tells it like it is like the downhome folks;
He isn't really nasty --  you just don't get his jokes:
Let's put him on top; he don't need no credential.
Let him be who he is, we'll call it presidential:
And soon his name will be up on the White House in lights
Saying Donald J. Trump -- all right!

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