Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Yesterday": Beloved Beatles ballad is turned into a coarse commentary on Wells Fargo's denigration of arts careers

You've probably seen the ad and the criticism it has attracted on social media: Wells Fargo made a pitch to teenagers strongly suggesting that any interest in an arts career was so "yesterday," and that to be connected to "today," young people should opt for career paths such as engineering and botany. This requires a wistful song, doesn't it?

The text:

Yesterday (Lament for Arts Careers)

Yesterday, my bright future seemed so far away:
Job satisfaction, insufficient pay –
But the arts seem so unwise today.

Suddenly, a STEM career will turn my future gold
If I can put those artsy dreams on hold —
Not for a while, indefinitely.

When I act I turn my back on monotony;
But that choice was wrong, now I long for botany!

Yesterday she felt foggy, now her vision’s clear
Discarding toe shoes, she’s an engineer:
She’ll pirouette from yesterday.

Those arts careers will bring on tears: go STEM today.
Financial wisdom rules, just use the arts for play!

Yesterday, my whole future seemed so far away:
Then Wells Fargo came along to say,
‘You can improve on yesterday.

Oh, why believe in yesterday?’

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