Adagietto Ad Libitum: A response in rhymed couplets to a notorious concert incident

Adagietto Ad Libitum
Gustav Mahler knew conflict, but was spared fisticuffs and rustling bags.

As fraught as the race between Senator Cruz and Beto
Was a dust-up in Sweden that marred Mahler's Adagietto:

That a fistfight ensued because of a chewing gum wrapper
At a classical concert might baffle the best handicapper.

What could be the odds that a gum bag thrown to the floor
Would generate blows once the music went some minutes more?

The snack-deprived woman's resentment was too great to tally,
But she showed some restraint throughout the awesome finale
Then slapped the bag thrower in a vigorous improvised stretto,
Annoyed at her neighbor's rash act in the Adagietto.

He fought back, arousing the woman's companion as well,
Who punched as commandingly as "der grosse Appel"
Had begun Mahler Five well over an hour before,
Thus putting to rest, or at least somewhat muting the  roar,
That classical music resides in a prettified ghetto:
Lo, worldly strife can invade the sublime Adagietto!


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